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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Announcing the Body Breakthru Weight Loss Challenge Winners-October 2013

The following results were accomplished within 12 weeks...

1st Place:  Elizabeth Evans
Lost:  16 lbs and 16 inches
Prize Earnings:  $60 for 1st place and $60 for biggest inch loser for a total of $120
What I got:  "I received a life changing experience.  Tamekia uses the Bible as a foundation for weight loss.  Without God, I could not be successful on this journey."
What I valued:  "I valued the prayer and the different Bible verses that apply to weight loss and how I feel about myself."
2nd Place:  LaShawna Hill
Lost:  9 lbs and 9.6 inches
Prize Earnings:  $35
What I got:  "I got INFORMATION from a nutritional expert (Tamekia Swint) and MOTIVATION from other women who were trying to accomplish their weight loss goals, just as myself.  I felt accountable in every aspect of this weight loss challenge altogether by participating in the weekly calls and assignments, and by having to send my weight every week."
 -Picture not yet available-

3rd Place:  Michelle McGee
Lost:  8 lbs
Prize Earnings:  $25
Elizabeth has gone on to lose an additional 5 lbs since the last weight loss challenge ended in September.  Lashawna has lost 2 lbs, and Latonya has also lost 5.5 lbs since the last weight loss challenge ended.  These classes provide accountability, education, motivation, a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ as you accomplish weight loss and most importantly, you get results!!** 

 PLEASE NOTE:  ** Results are not GUARANTEED, but you can personally accomplish your goals by 
applying the principles you learn each week to your weight loss efforts, plan, and program.**

Contact me to TODAY to join the next Weight Loss Challenge 
scheduled to begin Tuesday, October 22nd @ 7 p.m. CST.
More details are included in the next post also.

Your coach,
Tamekia Swint

Monday, October 7, 2013

Body Breakthru Weight Loss Challenges

Are you healthy or unhealthy?
Which of the above photos do you resemble most?
If you are "unhealthy", join us on October 22nd at 7 p.m CST to find out how you can be "healthy" in our 2nd round of Weight Loss Challenges!!
  • 12 weeks of educational topics on weight loss Each class is offered via teleconference for your convenience on Tuesdays @ 7 p.m.-WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE 1 COURSE and Tuesdays @ 8 p.m. -WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE 2 COURSE -Call-in number sent after you register.
  • Weekly formulation plan with coach to ensure best results.
  • Weight Loss Challenge Participation Fee (one-time fee of $20).
  • Weight Gain Fee ($1 for each pound gained).
  • Check-In/Absence Fee ($5 for each educational class missed-1 excused absence).
  • Payout of percentages goes to 3 Biggest Losers @ end of 12 weeks (measured by persons with the greatest percentage of weight loss).
PLEASE NOTE:  Herbalife nutritional products will be recommended to help you achieve the best results over the 12 week period.  PRODUCT USE is not a requirement to participate but highly recommended.  Weight chart will be updated by your coach weekly as weight is sent in.  An actual picture of scale at the start of challenge and weekly photo updates are required to chart results for fairness as cash prizes will be awarded @ the end of the 12 week challenge.  Each participant must sign a weight loss challenge agreement and return it to your coach via email prior to 12 noon CST on Monday, October 21st.

As a participant, you will also receive:
-Access to your weight loss coach for questions via phone, text, or email.
-Periodic encouragement for weight loss via text message and email.
-Personalized coaching (as needed) with your coach
-Suggested meal plans recommendations

If you would like more information on Herbalife nutritional products and weight loss programs, please visit the corporate website by following this link:  "Simply The Best".  Remember, the program you choose is not the end all solution, YOU are the key to getting the best results. 

To register for the challenge, please email me at:  Don't delay, sign up TODAY-space is filling up fast.  I do have to cut if off at a certain number to ensure I have enough time to coach everyone appropriately. :-)