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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lindsey Adams started attending our Body Breakthru weight loss classes last year.  She is beautiful, talented, consistent and determined in her weight loss goals.  She is using Weight Watchers as her plan and Body Breakthru for education about her weight loss goals.

Here is her 49 lbs down video testimony:

Here is her 61 lbs down video testimony:

Her website:
Her blog links are on her website as well as her before picture.

Here are some pictures from our last Body Breakthru weight loss class.  Lindsey is displaying her vision board.  Stacey is displaying hers also.  Without a clear, defined vision, it makes it impossible for us to accomplish our goals.  We @Body Breakthru meet monthly for weigh-in and measure and to discuss topics that will change how you think and feel about weight loss.  In order for things to change, you have to change..."Jim Rohn".  

Prayer is the most powerful tool on your weight loss journey.  Prayer keeps you at a place where you are dependent upon God and with Him alongside you-ALL things are possible. We pray every Wednesday morning about our weight loss journey. This morning we heard Lindsey's awesome testimony and keys to her 62 lbs weight loss success!

You can listen to it now:  Call:  712-451-6300.  Dial 320434# and press 1 to play the recording.

Congrats Lindsey, you are doing great!  You inspire me, as your coach.  May God bless you as you continue to trust Him to help you along your weight loss journey. -Tamekia

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Weight loss at the end of the day is about total surrender.  It wasn't until I surrendered my desire to control my life that I conquered my struggle with food.  I realized that I thought I was in control because if I couldn't control anything else, I could control what I ate, when I ate, and how good I felt when I ate what I wanted.  But, really at the end of it-FOOD WAS CONTROLLING ME-and the good feelings I had when I ate the rich foods I loved was just covering up how unhappy I really was inside.

People who lose weight give up food as the thing that controls their lives, embrace their results and learn that they can feel good doing positive, reinforcing behaviors that will give them results. 

It can be done!  If you are not where you want to be on your weight loss journey, I implore you today to...SURRENDER! Surrender your will, your desires, and allow God to be in control of this area of your life.  As you do this, you cannot fail!  This song helped me to "Surrender All" and it has changed me.  After struggling many years, up and down on weight loss plans and programs: I lost 36 lbs 5 years ago- and I'm keeping it off, to God be all the glory!  Tip:  Listen to it as many times as you need to...