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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Number 1 Reason Why Most People Fail At Weight Loss...

Over the years I have coached hundreds of clients.  Only a few have been successful at accomplishing their goals.  Why?  What I have discovered is that there are some common reasons why most people fail at losing weight and getting healthy.  This week we are discussing the number one reason.

Make the decision today to not let these defeat you! 

#1:  Laziness!  Laziness is created from our fast paced society whose focus is on:  better, easier, faster, cheaper.  HERE'S PROOF:  How many of us would pay any $$ amount if we were guaranteed that we could lose weight @ the snap of a finger and keep it off forever with NO WORK or EFFORT required?  What would it be worth to you? Many of us would get another job, or take out a new line of credit to purchase it!  Well, guess what?  The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry because clients are buying hope in a magic pill or a magic formula that guarantees them success.  TRUTH:  They are not living in reality and there are no QUICK FIXES when it comes to weight loss.  There are many products out there to HELP you accomplish your goals, but they are not the SOLUTION.  For example, purchasing work out equipment will not get you RESULTS-you have to USE the equipment.  :)

Write down the maximum $ amount you would pay for a guaranteed instant weight loss solution that was PERMANENT and take the time to really look at your number.  Is it $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000?

THIS IS THE SAME PRICE TAG that I want you to put on your weight loss and what it will cost you IN REALITY in:
  • -Sacrifice
  • -Sweat & Exercise
  • -Tears
  • -Developing Self-Discipline & Self-Control
  • -Consistency in Working Your Plan
  • -Setting Goals
  • -Hard Work
  • -Working Harder on Yourself than on your Results
  • -Overcoming Plateaus
  • -Time
Every single action and decision we make in life is based on attaining pleasure or avoiding pain.  LAZINESS originates from the fact that the desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to attain pleasure.  It's more pleasurable to say yes to "just one more cookie" than it is to "just say no."  The perceived pain or COST of leaving your comfort zone and denying yourself to lose weight is greater than the pleasure of losing weight and the joy you'll experience from getting the results.  
Excuses produced-your mind justifies it.  EX:  "I can't workout this morning, I'm running late."  "I don't have the money."  "I don't have the time."  In reality, you are just avoiding pain.  We will do almost anything to cure or avoid pain-it's our survival instinct.  As your coach, I'm here to encourage you and help you to overcome by facing LAZINESS head on.  In order to be a success you must overcome LAZINESS.  No PAIN, no GAIN!  And, that's the TRUTH!

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