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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Makes You GAIN Weight?


Eating a “SUPPER” amount of food at each sitting and eating randomly without paying attention to how many calories you are eating will definitely make you GAIN.  “A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”…we’ve all heard it, and it’s true.  If you are hoarding tons of calories at one sitting and throughout the day, you’ll be working it off for what seems like forever.  Your body can only burn off so many calories at rest throughout the day, and if you are sitting at a desk all day-it’s really not going to help.  So what is the solution?
-Spread calories that match your RESTING METABOLIC RATE out throughout the day.  If you eat smaller portions throughout the day, it will prevent you from feeling ravenously hungry every time you eat.
-Get the right amount of nutrition and the right amount of protein.  Not getting enough nutrients and enough protein will make you overeat.  Take a daily multivitamin with a high absorbency, and eat some protein at every meal.
-Eat more calories during the day while you are active, and eat lighter meals in the evening.  Eating more @ night prevents morning hunger so you don’t eat breakfast.  This leaves you starving by lunch and dinner which promotes OVEREATING. 
-Eat breakfast!  This starts your metabolism for the day…if you start is at lunch time, you’ve already wasted the opportunity to burn more calories in the morning.
-Eat @ least every 5 hours-eat 3 balanced meals every 5 hours @ about 450 calories each.  If you are on weight loss, eat about 400 calories @ each meal and 2 snacks in between meals at about 100 calories each. 
To be continued…What Makes You GAIN Weight???

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Desire vs. Intention...

Every single decision we make in life is based on attaining pleasure or avoiding pain.  EX:  Working out (may require pain) vs. eating a philly cheese steak (viewed as pleasurable).  Here's a tremendous roadblock to losing weight:  The desire to avoid pain is greater than their desire to attain pleasure and for most people losing weight and making healthier choices is not something we view as "pleasurable".  The perceived pain or COST of leaving your comfort zone is greater than the pleasure of losing weight.

So, how do we learn to see weight loss and making healthier choices as pleasurable?

Consistently seeing results over time and creating a "desire" to lose weight that is stronger than the "intention" of  making the right choices.  Our bodies will only do what we "desire".  EVALUATE THIS:  How strong is your desire to lose weight and get healthy?  Our intention allows us to be easily drawn to what we say we will do, but our failure to follow thru usually proves that we don't really "desire" the results.  Intention is suggestive, not concrete.  We get results when we are concrete in our decisions.  Intention merely tricks us into thinking we want something and that we are making progress.  This is why it is a tremendous roadblock.  

Create a stronger desire for a healthy lifestyle by consistently making the right decisions over time.  It's a process.  Be patient with yourself, and you will see yourself getting healthier, stronger, and having a desire to see getting healthy as a pleasurable experience.