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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well we have completed another season of "The Biggest Loser" on NBC.  The contestants sweated their weight away week after week-approaching weight loss as a full time job.  We have a lot that we can learn from them.  Here are the top 10 keys to weight loss success from The Biggest Losers:
  1. Keep your focus. Make losing weight your number one priority. Treat it like a job.
  2. Be a competitor, a fighter. Two words I did not allow in my vocabulary the whole time I was on the ranch: “give up.”
  3. Commit to making a change – the attitude will follow!
  4. Learn to express anger in a positive way. I used to turn to food to deal with my anger, and I was this unhappy, angry, overweight person. But now I take boxing lessons. Every time I hit the bag, it’s like shouting to the world, “I’m doing this!”
  5. Food journal is a must. (Start your own food journal!) Otherwise you’re not going to be as mindful about what you eat.
  6. Read a daily affirmation—poetry or inspirational quotes. I do that to be kind to myself on a daily basis.
  7. When it comes to working out, you just have to get up and do it. You have to make time for yourself and get to the gym or put on those sneakers and walk or run, if you can.
  8. Don’t watch so much TV at night so you can get up earlier the next day and work out. Planning is everything.
  9. Give yourself one treat day a week. On that day I give myself an extra 500 calories, then go right back on the plan the next day.  (Coaches Tip to calories...if you know you want to have a treat, minimize calories @ another meal-or workout to burn extra calories).
  10. We live a long way from town so when we go to do errands, we load up a cooler with healthy snacks and put it in the car. That way we don’t stop for a burger in a weak moment.-PLANNING IS EVERYTHING! 
  11. Last one is from me:  JUST DO IT!  We spend so much time talking about losing weight and less time actually doing it.  Get up, get out, and get moving.  Develop your plan, stick to it...and before you know'll be a "BIGGEST LOSER''.