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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Join Us For Tomorrow's Weight Loss Call!

Prayer is the most powerful tool on your weight loss journey.  Prayer produces results.  Prayer changes you, it strengthens you, and keeps your focus on God.  We have been praying every Wednesday morning in 2012 and making God a part of our weight loss journey's.  We are believing God for the 100 fold blessing as we commit our weight loss results to Him.  Tomorrow we have the awesome privilege of hearing from my accountability leader: Beverly Moore.  Without accountability we are all like branches hanging loose in the wind.  We must be and stay connected to THE vine for support.

Tomorrow morning @ 7 a.m. CST, she is going to share her weight loss journey with us.  Beverly is an awesome leader, motivator, teacher, and woman of God.  She has lost over 100 God be the glory!  Do not miss this awesome call.  We will attempt to record it so that you may share it with your friends and family also.

Call in @ 7 a.m.-Body Breakthru - 
Prayer Call:  (712) 451-6000-Access number:  320434#

Beverly & I @ Christmas 2010-SPL Party
 Beverly 2008 Graduation -Congrats!!
Beverly NOW -2012-Girl, you look good!  Congrats again!!
To God Be All The Glory...May He Continue To Bless You On Your Weight Loss Journey!