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Friday, February 25, 2011


You MUST HAVE these items!  Switch for the regular items you use.

  1. Miracle Whip-Light Mayo-contains half the cal of reg Miracle whip (37 cal/serv)
  2. Morton Salt-Light Salt Mixture –contains half the cal of reg salt
  3. Morton Nature’s seasoning-for chicken, turkey, fish, pork, veggies-seasoning
  4. Kraft Light Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (Asiago is my personal favorite on spinach salad)
  5. Kraft Italian Spritzer (10 sprays=10 calories)
  6. Use grated parmesan cheese instead of grated American on salads
  7. Land O Lakes Light Butter with Canola Oil –Spread
  8. Use tomato based salsa or pico in place of ketchup
  9. CoffeeMate Sugarfree Hazelnut cream (only 15 cal/servg) vs. whole milk-replace sugar with Splenda or Truvia to sweeten coffee.
  10. Use hummus to dip veggies in for a snack-or as a spread on sandwiches.
  11. Laughing Cow Light Cheese-in place of regular block or grated cheeses.  Spread over bread/veggies
  12. Cook with Olive Oil or Canola Oil only
  13. Philadephia Fat-Free Cream Cheese-spread on toasted wheat bread and top with sugar free applesauce or fresh fruit or fruit preserves (Polaner)-YUMMY!
  14. Polaner Sugarfree All Fruit –with fiber –strawberry-only 10 cal per servng
  15. Use Yellow Mustard in place of Regular Mayo-unless using light
  1. Crystal Light (all flavors) are nice as a sweet treat during the day-add Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea for a metabolic boost
  2. Seltzer Water with Lime or Lemon Twist
  3. Minute Maid Light Lemonade/Orangeade/Orange Juice –light lemonade served @ Wendy’s/McDonald’s –select locations
  4. Sutter Home White Zinfandel -80 calories for 4 oz –1ST CHOICE          
  5. 2ND CHOICE:  Chablis/Chardonnay -90 cal per 4 oz (have only 1 serving size of 4 oz) =1 small glass
  6. BEST CHOICE:  WATER only.  You will lose weight faster. 
Whatever you towards eliminating fast foods that are highly processed from your diet.
THIS WILL HELP YOU:  If you haven't seen this video-watch this!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Is The Year of No More Excuses!

An excuse is defined by Webster as: "something offered as justification or as grounds for being excused."  The key word in this definition is justificationExcuses are reasons we use to justify or defend WHY we don't do something we have committed to or originally set out to do.  In order to lose weight and accomplish our health and wellness goals, we must all commit to the personal theme of:  "No More Excuses!"

Here are some examples of excuses we use that delay the process of losing weight, getting healthy and getting results:
  • I just don't have the time to workout!
  • I'm just so tired all the time, and I don't have any energy!
  • I don't really know how to cook healthy foods.
  • It's easier to drive-thru.
  • I'm not a morning person.
  • I'm just too stressed out.
  • I'm constantly around food.
  • I'm tired and I don't feel like it.
  • I don't have the money.
  • I'm bored.
  • I have bad knees.
  • I'm trying.
The next time you find a reason not to follow through on your plan, I want you to point to yourself and say: I am just making an EXCUSE!  The next time you make excuses: not to workout, not to have your smoothie for breakfast, to just drive-thru and select a high calorie meal, not to make your goals a priority-I challenge you to JUST DO IT!  Don't put it off, don't make an excuse...JUST DO IT!

Realistically speaking...there are times when life will get in the way and we can't follow-thru with our plans.  However, if you are making more excuses than taking action then nothing will change.  You won't lose weight, you won't get healthy, and the results you have right now will stay the same, and in some cases it will only get worse.  "In order for things to change, YOU have to change"-Jim Rohn.  If you really want to lose weight and get healthy-you must master how to stop making excuses why you CAN'T lose weight and start changing your thinking to why you CAN.  

Next Week..."How To Change Your Thinking"