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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Will BE...

Watch Last Night's Show Now:

As I watched the show last night, I kept thinking..."as much as this show is a GAME, it's also LIFE!"  It was disappointing for me that Justin was eliminated from the Biggest Loser last night.  As a born leader-even though he was eliminated-he didn't GIVE UP.  He went home and motivated his friends and neighbors to lose weight.  He calls it: "Justin's CALL OUT!"  

Well today, as your coach...I'm calling you out!  Do you have what it takes to succeed?  Success requires you to get out of your comfort zone.  Throughout this season I have heard a lot of phrases from the contestants on THE BIGGEST LOSER:  "I never imagined, I never believed I could, I never thought I would ever be a physically fit person."  Each player has been challenged beyond what they ever imagined, believed, or thought they could do and each is working themselves through the process it takes to WIN outside of their COMFORT ZONE.  

The physical challenges have also led to an inner transformation.  This inner transformation is the second key to success.  Whoever you are on the outside is just a picture of who you are on the inside.  One of the players summed it up like this:  "I'm changing because I've changed!"  Are you growing and changing or staying the same?  Successful people stay in the growing and changing phase.

Hannah also had a major "breakthru."  She's lost weight before, but when she plateaued she has ALWAYS given up...until now.  Her husband advised..."Stop going around the walls, and PUSH THRU!"  This is critical!  3rd success key:  Winners never quit, and quitters never WIN!  Winners breakthru the walls, obstacles, and face the issues that are keeping them from losing weight and getting healthy-no matter what!  This is a painful, uncomfortable process and requires work.

The next BIGGEST LOSER is:  YOU! 

If you get out of your comfort zone, accept and agree to the inner transformation required to change, imagine, believe and think you can do it, and face your fears by breaking thru the walls where you normally give up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To: "Change Your Thinking"

In order for things to change, YOU have to change...YOUR THINKING!  I love the poem, "The Man Who Thinks He Can" attributed to the author Napoleon Hill, author of:  "Think And Grow Rich."
If you think you are beaten (at losing weight), you are; 
If you think you dare not (lose weight), you don't. 
If you'd like to win (at getting healthy), but think you can't 
It's almost a cinch you won't. 
If you think you'll lose (at losing weight), you've lost. 
For out in the world we find 
Success begins with a fellow's will: 
It's all in his state of mind. 
If you think you're outclassed (at weight loss), you are: 
You've got to think high to rise, 
You've got to be sure of yourself before 
You'll ever win that prize (and reach your goals). 
Life's battles don't always go 
To the stronger or faster man (or the smallest), 
But sooner or later the man who wins 
Is the one who thinks he can. 

5 Steps To Change Your Thinking
1.  Decide that you are going to change how you think about nutrition, health, and wellness.  Everything we do starts with a decision first.  In order to get out of bed, we must DECIDE to get up first!  You have to settle that the results you have right now are the result of how you have thought about yourself, your health, and the choices you have made up to this point.  Next, decide that in order to get different results you have to think differently!
2.  Align yourself with people who have the results you are looking for. The people in your life influence how you think.  Limit time spent with people who think like you have thought in the past, and spend more time with people who have the results you desire.
3.  Get knowledge!  Surround yourself with materials about health, wellness, and weight loss. As you grow in your knowledge about health and nutrition, it will change how you think about it.  If you don't know the effect that sugar has on your body over time, you will never think differently about it.  Get knowledge!
4.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice & repetition.  It takes practice and repetition to intentionally change your thoughts.  Each time you have a thought that convinces you not to take action, you have to immediately change the thought.  This takes practice. You have to repeat over and over and over daily WHY you are losing weight, WHY you are getting healthy, and WHY this is important to you.  If you have more WHY NOT'S than WHY'S, you have to PRACTICE erasing and replacing these thoughts!  As you do this, your thinking will change and the WHY'S will become more important than the WHY NOT'S. 
5.  Focus on the benefits-not the work required.  As you practice changing your thinking, focus on the benefits that changed thinking will give you.  Here are a few:  success, great results on the scale, a healthier diet, more energy, decreased risk of heart disease & heart failure, less desire for unhealthy foods and more desire for healthy ones.  Remember what you FEED determines the SEED.  Feed yourself on the benefits and getting healthy will become exciting!  

As you work hard to change your thinking, celebrate your journey.  I promise you will feel differently about it.
Here's to your success,
Your Coach